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Munira Nusseibeh School of Holistic Studies - MNSHS


Classes are small, students are given individual attention, and as a group they share powerful experiences of transformation and healing.

Certificate Training Program in Holistic Studies

MNSHS is a four-year curriculum which allows the student to grow by integrating and applying, on their person, the methods and tools learnt at the school. Therefore the student offers his, or her, own experience to become a holistic counselor. The program is designed for students to understand, embody and experience the three levels of consciousness: Body, mind, and emotional consciousness.

Most disharmonies in the body are the result of mental and emotional disturbances. Students study the physical and energetic structure of the body, as well as, character structure based on mind-conditioning, and how they affect one another. Thus, students develop the skills to heal themselves and others, holistically, through comprehending and facilitating the processes of body, mind and emotion.

  • Classes are small
  • Students are given individual attention, and
  • As a group they share powerful experiences of transformation and healing.

The students' own healing process will enable them to guide, support, connect and feel with their prospective clients.

At the end of the four-year comprehensive course, students receive a Certificate of Holistic Studies that enables them to set up their own Holistic Practice.