Testimonials by Graduates of MNSHS


On this page, you will read some of the feedback I received from MNSHS graduates.

"Through re-reading the Koran and linking the knowledge I was studying at MNSHS I was able to overcome my mistrust in God, and I found my path back to Him!"

Rula Hijazi Amad

"My marriage and the things I'd decided to avoid didn't go as planned and I ended up with my own marital challenges, which made me sometimes, inflict my anger and frustrations on my children, always leaving me feeling guilty. I became depressed and it was then I realized it was time to heal.

My years at the course at MNSHS were an eye opener, to look within, uncover the mask, discover the lower self, the negative pleasure, my main rigid character and pattern behavior. I thank my colleagues and appreciate their experiences; they helped me develop less criticism, more acceptance, compassion and love.

My special thanks go to our teacher for her dedication, patience and impressive tolerance.

Maias Al- Rashid

"Dear Munira, This is to thank you for the opportunity and privilege you have offered me during the past four years, for me to understand my self, and others, and to heal and grow. With my love and appreciation."

Lina Nuqul, June 2009

"In Munira's school of holistic studies I met myself physically, mentally and spiritually. From a state of slumber and automatic reactions I woke up. I began to feel more alive and more loving."

Anas Madi

"When I enrolled in MNSHS 4 years back, I was intrigued by the mystique of the unknown, little would I have known then, how much mystery was to be uncovered from within... this was truly transformational Munira, thank you and I continue to pray to be able to pass this on as beautifully as I have received it."

Ruba Homaidi


"Working with Munira helped me to look at old challenges in new ways that are much more simpler and interesting. I now look at them from a different perspective."

Lal Sheikh - Saudi Arabia

"I met Munira the year I had reached a dead end in my life. Through our counseling sessions she helped me see why I was experiencing certain things & feeling the way I was feeling. She helped me realize the role I played in my own life situations. Through her continuous patience, love & compassion she helped me develop compassion & love for myself. I quickly realized Munira's course was going to lead me to my own salvation. Through the past four years I have gained wonderful amount of knowledge & self awareness. I will always regard my downfall, meeting Munira & taking her course as one of the greatest gifts life has offered me. Thank you Munira. I love you."

Nathalie Khalaf, Class of 2013 - Dubai

"The MNSHS CTP course has provided the commitment, the focus, the context, and the conscious and dedicated hard work- the perfect environment for my personal growth! Not only did I acquire new vocabulary and new insights; but gradual acceptance that I was the creator of all my experiences. I realised that for the most part of life I struggled because I was not "connected"; I had a fixed point of view of what was happening in my life and why. Although I have been working professionally in the holistic field for more than twenty two years, I discovered that I was unaware of many hidden aspects.

The way the course was structured helped me tremendously. Each term and year varied between zooming-in to a microscopic level of the mind when we traced our disassociated thought form, faced the mirror to observe how it had literally manifested. And zooming out extending our focus onto others and our relationship with them. Our course was constantly vibrant, interesting, challenging and pulsating.

For me personally, MNSHS CTP was the string that brought all the different and scattered beads together into a beautiful necklace. All the bits of knowledge and understanding, the missing links I yearned to uncover, the purpose of my life, and of the anatomy of my being; came together just like the bees to honey, like the morning dew to a flower. I can't imagine where I'd be today without having gone through it! Thank you Munira form the bottom of my heart for this: the greatest of gifts"

Sahar Huneidi, Class of 2013 - London