More Client & Graduate Testimonials


On this page, you will read some of the feedback I received from clients, as well as students.

"Ever since I moved to Dubai, I'd been obsessed with my weight problem. The more I thought about it, the more weight I gained, seriously! I tried every solution I stumbled upon, from exercise to dieting, fasting, praying, reading articles, books, internet scraps, support groups, 8-week to a new you program, hypnosis, Blood type test (that shows you what foods make you fat), endocrinologist tests, shrink, and diet food delivered to my home, depression test (I did not even qualify as officially depressed!), Liposuction, Reiki, breathing classes, and Reductil tablets. You name it, I've tried it! The most effective results would last for ONE week maximum. Sooner than I thought, I'd be back to the searching mode again. It even occurred to me that I'd been doomed with the evil number 70. I heard of Munira, and being who I am, I had to go discover this new phenomena. My husband thought it would be another ingredient to add to my BIG cake of experiences. IT WASN'T.

The first day was OK, good enough to push me to my next session. The second day I got hooked. I was able to relive the experience as a fetus in my mommy's womb. I ended up tackling issues I never knew they existed in the first place. After 10 days, I was a person NOT OBSESSED with my weight.  This came after 5 years of continuous suffering. I came out a happier person. Even when I started feeling weak after a while, I called up Munira on the phone. I was really down. All I needed was a quick fix on the phone to get me jumping up and down again. She gave me little tips and some exercises on how to face my weaknesses. Guess what? I am getting rid of the kilos, and I'm happy with who I am during the process. To me, this is a big achievement I never thought would be so easy to reach."

S.R. - Dubai

"The most challenging part of the journey of self discovery at Munira's was working with a client. I was the observer witnessing the transformation of another person's life over the duration of six months, the experience was fabulous!

A lost soul, lamenting the loss of a loved one, seeing the globe as a dark negative environment, helpless and miserable. However, with determination and perseverance to get out of the situation changes started to take place. The acceptance of the duality in life and pure intention were major aspects of the transformation. The process was slow, but with my client's new sense of awareness, and outlook on life, positive changes materialized.

Because their intention came from their core essence, it was a truthful and a rewarding experience. Proof of what one wants one gets, that life is an on going process, and it's up to us how we take it. As I kept repeating to my client and am still repeating to myself, "go with flow, don't go against the waves, because you will never get to the shore" .... each lesson that I have learnt during process is a treasure that I shall cherish for life."

Leila Kalis - Amman, Jordan

"I came to Munira in 2000 seven years ago with an exceptional pain having experienced an emotional trauma in a very important relationship in my life. I arrived at her doorstep feeling victimized – hurt, obsessed, paralyzed, angry and tearful.

What I have learned in these past seven years with Munira’s help is that I created this relationship trauma to help me heal and integrate childhood and karmic patterning and evolve my emotional self.  The greatest lesson for me was to chatter idealism and make space inside me for compassion and love for the imperfect me and in turn, the imperfection in others.

Work with Munira restored my sense of responsibility towards what I am facing in my life. I now adopt a new perspective which allows me the freedom to confront my journey in a different way, making the path an exciting and challenging lesson in observation, unveiling childhood wounds, tapping into the shadow self and understanding the dilemma of attachment to negative pleasure. I have been working in re-scripting many core beliefs that hindered my ability to fulfill my life long calling and because of that my life has been transformed in every way. I am now able to use my own healing to help others which include my family, my students and my friends, directing them toward the path of self responsibility, emotional healing and self love.

To be on the healing path is to live fully in the truth - facing one’s own negative emotional patterning and integrating this shadow self to create a more positive life. Munira's counseling and healing helped me face the shadow in me, tapping into the power of the destroyer and the creator. These two polarities contain great power for self development & growth especially when in balance and harmony with each other.

My work with Munira continues to evolve and grow and reach new heights. Her work with me has been transformational in every way."

Samar M Dudin, MNSHS Class of 2005