On this page, you will read some of the feedback I received from clients, as well as students who completed my four-year certificate training program of Holistic Studies held in Amman, Jordan. Click here to watch a video about their experiences.


On this page, you will read some of the feedback I received from clients, as well as students. To read additional ones, please visit More Testimonials page.

I would like to share the many ways that I have changed:

1. I am able to be in the moment so much more. I had a beautiful day walking the streets of Istanbul yesterday on my own. Not thinking about the past, not planning for the day after, but just BEING. It was amazing, and I enjoyed every second of it.

2. I am much more in tune with the feeling of others. I am able to sense when they may be interested or less interested in what I have to say, and it does not offend me when they are less interested. In fact, differing points of view no longer offend me at all. I notice them, I acknowledge that I prefer people to agree with me, and I move on. I am no longer likely to try and convince people of my point of view - even those closest to me.

3. I have an inner stillness which I have always dreamed of but never knew could be attainable. I am less likely to need and want instant gratification and my relationship to material possessions is much more balanced and comfortable.

4. I listen to my body more, and can help it do it what it needs to do. I don't know if this may sound crazy, but I find I can ease any small pain or discomfort by just giving it my attention for a very short while. Is this possible?!

Raghda Butros - Amman, Jordan

"As I look back five years ago, I cannot but feel totally stunned by the mysterious ways the universe has in bringing people together, and creating events, which in the right time and space trigger a new direction in one’s life course. This is precisely what happened to me. During the four years of dedicated course work I learned a lot, undertook an amazing self-study and began to feel my personal transformation and growth taking place, effecting  various  aspects of my life. Most importantly however, I began to understand and accept myself, the true meaning of love and compassion for myself and others. I have learned to trust and embrace the wisdom that lives within me and start to navigate my own life with confidence. The Universe does begin in the Mind, indeed! I wholeheartedly wish that others follow into my steps."

Rumi Bahova - Amman, Jordan

"My four-year course at Munira Nusseibeh’s School of Holistic Studies greatly improved the quality of my life. I started out as an angry and immature person, immature not behaviorally, but emotionally. The classes I took opened my awareness to the reality of things, and I realized that I was looking at life through very thick ‘me-colored’ glasses: That my experiences in life were grossly constricted due to all the beliefs and restrictions that I involuntarily and subconsciously carried with me.

I have since then changed on the inside, and therefore have affected change in all other aspects of my life. Relationships that were detrimental to me fell away, and the relationships that were good but troubled became more tranquil. My bouts of depression subsided drastically and my outlook on life has become both joyful and hopeful.

It is a great blessing to be content in where you stand in life, and I feel that this course is what opened me up to allowing contentment."

Salam Almoghraby - Amman, Jordan

"Doing this course is the real gift I ever gave to myself. To open the inner eye and tap into my power to take action and decide the course of the wind I will flow with is the transformation acquired in this course. Becoming also the channel of those inner powers that allowed my entire environment to benefit from being in self truth was the other gift I gave to others.

Dina Lahlou- Amman, Jordan


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